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Tim Hunt




Timothy J Hunt, Owner of Maui Repair Service, has been Factory Authorized Endorsement for Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking, U-Line, Scotsmen ice makers , and Asko  Has received comprehensive education on refrigeration, sealed systems and proper refrigerant practices. With the training received while working in Colorado, New York, New Jersey and California, staff has the ability to provide service on a variety of goods from farm equipment to sewing machines, inline wells pumps, chain saws. and has also worked with appliance and TV repair shops for 10 years. Other experience includes electrical rewiring of houses, making up breaker boxes, laying out new house wiring layouts, stuffing boxes, fishing buss lines, plumbing old houses, water mains to plumbing. Employee experience also includes fixing commercial microwaves ovens, steamers, pizza ovens, fryers and walk-in coolers, conducting warranty field service, while supplying customer support to resolving inquiries and issues.

Summary of Skills

In addition to mending, revamping and refurbishing appliances, the business is able to diagnose modular electronic control systems, error code logs from the board to the thermister and re-flash programming They are able to monitor icemaker systems water pressure effects, food temperatures and trace schematic operations performed from the control board to component activation either manual or electronic control of diagnostic mode with the use of the web browser via IP address. Invoicing, billing and dispatching can be run from mobile office in the truck connected to the main office. The enterprise has worked on of a number of factory recalls in field implementation including major replacement of Sub Zero aluminum evaporator assembly, Wolf Ovens manifold recalls and other mandatory factory updates. Oxy/acetylene torch handling welding is used in tight spaces. Along with complete system leak testing the customer has the benefit of extensive cutting and threading black pipe gas training; i.e. burner orifices, hand drilled to size, leak testing, spark module/igniters and burner body air ventures adjustments.

Maui Repair ServiceQualifications Summary

Proprietor is a self-motivated, versatile and highly experienced Food Storage/Preparation Repair Trained Professional. with over 35 years experience Authorized Factory trained in VIKING, SUB ZERO,  SOCTSMEN,ULINE ICE MAKERS Refrigeration and Wolf, Viking Rang, Garland,  other high end top of the line food products. He has worked in industry with warranty factory field service, troubleshooting, help line, and customer careinformation. He has prepared a wide range of reports, data and other documentation. Additionally, has expertly managed, coordinated and or participated in a wide range of activities related to complex problem solving. Recognized by the industry for the ability to improve productivity, meet aggressive project schedules, and to achieve or exceed established goals, along with developing a high degree of trust and credibility. He is an excellent oral/written communicator, group presenter, analyst with great interpersonal skills. He performs well under pressure, effectively manages multiple competing priorities and deals effectively with people at all levels from management to the newly hired person. An excellent trainer and rapid learner with strong memory skills. He consistently receives superior performance evaluations and letters of commendation from clients/management.

Professional Experience &


Tim has represented all Major High End Appliances to date. Prepared reports, analyses, documentation; monitored food temperatures. Originating in a family owned business, Tim started changing out AC fan motors and installing window units at age 15. Changed out chipped stove panels and provided dishwasher installations. Father started Electrical/ Plumbing/Appliance/Refrigeration Shop in the late 1950’s before the building codes were established and later grandfathered into service Construction Fellowship. Tim’s training came from his father very early; electrical rewiring of houses and progressed to making up backer boxes, laying out new house wiring layouts; stuffing boxes, fishing Buss lines. Plumbing old houses, plumbing traps and drains and progressed to  water mains.  He has extensive gas training; i.e. burner orifices, hand drilled to size, leak testing, spark module/igniters and burner body air ventures adjustments. Cutting and threading black pipe. He worked in Colorado when in school for Staley Electric and was in the Electrician Program in Denver during the 1970’s and later worked for AC/DC Appliances and TV; fixing commercial microwaves, pizza ovens, fryers, steamers and appliances. He has also worked for Montgomery Ward in Colorado in the 1970’s servicing and repairing all aspects water pumps, trackers, appliances, hot water heaters, ice makers and refrigeration.