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Sub zero & Wolf, Viking Range, Cooking 

Products and Refrigeration,-U-Line &

Scotsmen Ice makers

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appliance repair on mauiMaui Repair Service LLC is new to the island but has been an Authorized Factory Servicer for Viking, Sub Zero and Wolf and Asko products, has been in business for over 25 years in New Jersey doing business as Hunt Appliance Repair. We service most high end kitchen appliances including Wolf, Viking, Scottsman, U-line and Dacor and manage, coordinate and participate in a wide range of activities related to the servicing of cooking and refrigeration industry. We perform complex troubleshooting, problem solving and demonstrate the ability to improve productivity. Our establishment as high degree of trust and credibility ensures we meet aggressive projects schedules and exceed established goals.

Flat-rate Pricing

Customers are conditioned to expect a given price for a given service. take the simple purchase of a hamburger for example. The fast-food restaurant has taken into account the cost of the ingredients, transportation, storage, preparations, packaging, labor advertising and margin to come up with a fixed price for the finished product that is offered to the customer. This eliminates any anxiety about what they will actually pay. How much time a technician spends on a job does not seem so important when customers know that the price is not going to change. As a matter of a fact, the more time spent on the job may give customers more value for the service they are receiving.

Flat rate pricing : 

Flat-rate pricing has been used in the service trades for years. Services are performed under conditions that vary widely. Technicians often must work in cramped, wet and uncomfortable spaces or in heat or cold. Here are a few of the obvious advantages of flat-rate pricing: The technician is not required to determine pricing and can concentrate their work on the repair rather than the amount of time they are spending. The pricing structure can be changed with simple inputs for the customer before the job is begun so they know exactly how a repair will cost. Maintenance service agreements are considered to be the most important factor in any service business as they offer many benefits for the customer.

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